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“You can’t change your financial situation until you change the way you think.”

How is it that so many people will make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in their lifetime and still live in a financial nightmare? Saving Your Financial Soul is a modern day money parable where newly engaged couple, Ed Bagley and Sasha Brown, are mentored by multi-millionaire business tycoon, Mr. John Roberts, and billionaire janitor, Rev. Ron Simmons, on the simple secrets of real estate, money, business success and wealth. Along the way, they meet new friends who give new meaning to how the paycheck has changed from the Industrial Age, to the Information Age and what it means in the revolutionary Financial Knowledge age.

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 What Does Your Financial Soul Look Like?

No two Financial Souls are the same.  We all have different dreams, goals, backgrounds & circumstances that are as unique as our thumb prints.  However, if you do not know how to master your Financial Soul then someone will gladly take care of it for you…or for themselves.  Whichever comes first.

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Prof_Brian_Ayers   Brian “The Financial Philosopher” Ayers is a serial entrepreneur, business owner and author.  He enjoys studying the history and physiology of money to understand why we behave the way we do with money.  His “Financial Philosophy” segments on Financial Soul Radio has jarred listeners with its harsh realism and tongue in cheek sarcasm.