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Ayers Naturals develops and markets high quality liquid herbal medical formulas called tinctures.  Tinctures are the healthy way to improve your health with several benefits that pills can not provide.

Apples Are Natural – Apple Pills Are Not

There is no such thing as a natural pill.  The process of making a pill requires the break down of nutrients of any natural product in the pill and the addition of chemicals to hold the pill in shape.

Why Use Ayers Naturals Herbal Tinctures?

The desire for good health brings people together, but the delivery on that promise makes people stay which is why our customers have been part of our community for 15 years. People use our products for a wide variety of reasons. Some want to improve their stamina, while others want to improve their immunity. The list goes on. Every person shares one main goal — the will to take charge of their own health. In one word, it’s about empowerment.

Our research-driven herbal solutions give you complete control over how they can be adjusted and their desired strength. Are you ready for a better solution?

Herbal safety and efficacy have been established by thousands of years of traditional use and modern clinical research—which is why people continue taking herbs today.

To get the best quality and results, we adhere to a list of criteria.

• Follow proper growing techniques
• Grow plants in appropriate climates
• Harvest at an optimal time
• Determine an optimal age for a plant
• Use the most medicine-rich plant parts
• Comply with an extraction method and recipe that deliver the most potent medicine
• Test & verify for quality and potency
• Determine proper doses that add up to safety and effectiveness

 What Does Your Financial Soul Look Like?

No two Financial Souls are the same.  We all have different dreams, goals, backgrounds & circumstances that are as unique as our thumb prints.  However, if you do not know how to master your Financial Soul then someone will gladly take care of it for you…or for themselves.  Whichever comes first.

Financial Soul Diagram

Prof_Brian_Ayers   Brian “The Financial Philosopher” Ayers is a serial entrepreneur, business owner and author.  He enjoys studying the history and physiology of money to understand why we behave the way we do with money.  His “Financial Philosophy” segments on Financial Soul Radio has jarred listeners with its harsh realism and tongue in cheek sarcasm.